You would think that a year with a “handle” like 2020 would be one full of clarity and sharpness of vision.  You would think that.  I will always remember the year 2020 as the year the “lid blew.”  We should have seen it coming, even without Covid-19 or a Presidential election.  Somewhat like “tornado alley,” America’s political climate had been festering too long—differences in values of every sort were not only growing, but were being magnified by those anxious to promote their own personal agendas—the clashes that resulted were not pretty.  Perhaps we need a little look back to see ahead.
This "doc-u-meme-ary" is an attempt to recall a year filled, not only with loss, but also a time of division, then sadness, constant conflict, hostility, ill will, anxiety, deceit, even greed and evil.  Yet there was hope in the fact that people seemed to be searching for an optimistic, even hopeful view, of the things that divide us.  This work is an attempt to look-back at a few, often humorous,  social media “screen shots” that were a reflection of 2020’s history.  A chronology of the years events is included to keep the 300+ memes fixed to the times.  The closing pages are a collection of solutions for redeeming the times.
Due to the uncertainty of copyright issues, these pages are not presently being offered for sale, but inquiries are welcome by filling out the Contact tab above.  A few of my favorites are shown below.  It was a year to forget.
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