If you are looking for an inspiring tale of what a life might be if you “seize the day” and are willing to tackle every challenge, this autobiography of John W. Carpenter might be what you are looking for.

Mr. Carpenter, known by many as “John W.”, led a life that could only be described as colorful and full of experiences and challenges to be met and achieved. From the earliest days of his youth, John W. worked hard to complete the tasks at hand, be it successfully managing a large paper route, achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, or flying solo on his 16th birthday. His guide for living seemed to be to ask “Why not?” when a good idea or another challenge came along.

Over the years, John W. eventually became an accomplished photographer and publisher. He was also a serious MEL instrument pilot, professional tennis instructor, amateur astronomer, a telescope and mirror maker, competitive skeet and pistol shooter, archer, cabinet maker, snow skier, wine and champagne maker, along with fishing and wing shooting. He was even an accomplished ballroom dancer.

In these personal sketches of his life episodes, John W. Carpenter gives an inside glimpse into the man. Written just months before his passing at the age of 82, his memories are compiled, edited, and preserved by author, John E. Cornett.  Click the image below for information on ordering your copy.
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