Life as seen ­Through My Lens is an unusual kind of autobiography in that it seeks to preserve thoughts and feelings rather than accomplishments.  In so doing, the author gives insight into “day-to-day” life that is often missing in other biographies.  What was missing in those histories was an insight into what they were thinking.  What is it like to hold a little baby, or to spar with a three-year-old?  What is a church leader thinking while trying to keep a small congregation of believers together?  Were there challenges at work?  What did one think about other people, what were their values, did they value family time, or were they a workaholic?  Were they “coasters” or did they have strong values?
­The author cites a noble goal of imparting valuable insight to someone younger, and then actually closes with pages of these “valuable insights.”  The final chapter is a laundry list of “lessons learned,” and is well worth the read.
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